Why Your Site Needs Internet Marketing With SEO

Why Your Site Needs Internet Marketing With SEO



What is Search Engine Optimization?


The focus of search engine optimization (SEO) is to increase web traffic by ranking high in the organic search engine results, in non-paid search results. Organic results are the results that most visitors see after they have typed in a search phrase. This is the result that Google feels best represents the search term.


Why is my business online so far behind?


“Clicks to the top of Google Organic Search Results” is the answer most business owners want to know. Online marketers use search engine optimization and their web traffic to drive traffic to the top of Google. The idea of organic results that is free of advertisement is capturing visitors one at a time. To get to the top of the organically ranked search results, you need to know how to optimize your keyword use and how to build backlinks.


How to Use Keywords


Keyword research is vital to the success of any website. When you know exactly what your target market is searching for, you can optimize your website to be in a niche that consumers will be searching for. When you know how to select the right keywords to use, and you know how to build backlinks, you can propel your website to the top of the search engines in no time.


A few ideas to get you started:


Keyword Tools


There are tons of keyword tools available online. Some of them are free to use while others require membership. If you are going to pay for a keyword tool, long-tail keywords are the best since long-tail keyword phrases are basically long phrases consisting of 4 or more words. Can you tell I love Google?


Google AdWords Keyword Tool – This is probably the most popular keyword tool available. It shows you how many times a keyword was searched for at once and it also shows you the number of monthly searches.

Google Keyword Research Tool – This tool is relatively free. It will allow you to choose keyword phrases, and it will also help you determine the competition.


You can play around with Google Keyword Tool until you find a phrase that gives you a good number of searches per month with little to no competition.




Decide what phrases you want to rank for and then find definite web sites to beat. Beat them at their own game! Search engines are smartest. Search for a keyword and see what populates below the search. This is the competition for that particular keyword.


For example, The Wall Street Journal has thousands of articles on each topic. If you search for each one of them on Google, you will find that one comes right up on top and the others gradually trickle down. This is what I call search engine brainstorms.


You don’t have to analyze every angle of the story. You can focus on a certain keyword and find all related keywords that people may be searching for. restriction yourself to only those keywords related to what you have to write about and you’ll get lots of traffic to your site.


Keep the articles between 300 to 700 words. betweentyes formatting might be better. You can bold the keywords and you can highlight them. If you’re starting a new site, you probably want to go for bold copy and underline the keywords.


Keywords aren’t just for web visitors.You’ll also want to optimize your content for the search engines.


Highlight and use keywords in your H1 tag.The H1 tag is the main headline of the page. If you’re using WordPress, make use of the SEO title plugin which lets you choose the title of your home page.


Use keywords in the first sentence.This seems to be weighted more heavily than the rest of the text on the page. Just a thought.


Keywords in the weighs of text on the page.This is another area of the text that is frequently being overlooked. If the keyword is in the initial part of the text, you have a higher chance of getting seen.


backslashed keywords in your copy.This is one I see a lot of people not using properly. It’s not a myth. If you backlink with a url containing the keyword, it carries more weight in search engine results.


Use the keyword as the anchor text for your links.Using your keyword as the anchor text will make your links more valuable.


Build backlinks from pullslashed keywords.


Use a keyword as your title.This is one of the few times I actually recommend putting the keyword in the title. It’s still helpful in some ways for SEO purposes.


Usekeyphrases instead of plurals in your writing.If it’s common for people to search for exact keywords, you’d be fine by using the singular. But for your business, why mess with it? Use the plural whenever possible.

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