Forum Backlinks – Do They Count for Anything?

Forum Backlinks – Do They Count for Anything?


Understanding Forum Backlinks


First things first, I have to clarify here that when I say forum backlinks, I am talking about the backlinks you get from forum profile pages and not the backlinks you get from signatures when posting on forums. Although, some of the tips here will be about signature backlinks too, so pay attention;-).


In short, this article is going to be about how to properly make profiles on forums (so you don’t waste your time for nothing), how these backlinks benefit your SERP and what can be done to get the most out of them.


How Useful are These Backlinks?


Well if you know anything about SEO you will know by now that these backlinks don’t have much weight on their own. This is about the QUANTITY we’re talking about and not the quality of your backlinks. Truth is, quantity of backlinks is also an EXTREMELY IMPORTANT PART OF SEO, especially if they are ONE WAY backlinks like the ones you can get from forum profile, so don’t neglect it by any means. You already know that Google sees the links to your sites as votes right? Well, Google sees every vote as a vote for your site right? Well,

Google and especially Yahoo and Bing, like to see that you are getting these “votes” from various domains, they give your site an actual authority boost and eventually it makes it easier for your site to be ranked on first page on Google for the keywords you choose.

What many tend to forget here is that in order to get the most or anything at all from forum profile pages, those pages need to be indexed. And naturally, in order to get them indexed you have to give search engines a reason to do so. This is where many failed and never really got the chance to find out how truly useful forum profiles can be.


Making a Profile Page and Customizing it


This is the main reason why i am making this article.What people usually do is to just leave their links (sometimes not even anchored), and they think that is enough. The fact is, they couldn’t be more wrong. If you want good SERPs, then you have to make sure that your profiles have some link juice.


The truth is, profile pages are forum specific. Say, you want to make a review of a latest Red blasting product on a prominent forum. Then, your page will be visible to people who are talking about that product. For those who decides to ignore that product, they can spam the “review” with comments of how good the product is. Of course, in my opinion, that is not enough.


Making a Squidoo Profile Page


This is a Excellent Strategy!


Having a profile pageacet administer SEOis very easy and really can be very effective in getting links and referral traffic to your site. This is also something which I am about to teach in a new together with an ebook called “idence business”that will reveal how to do this the right way. You can get that by visiting my blog.


Making a profile page is as simple as making a normal page. You can include your keywords in the title, or anchor text, that is putting keywords in the URL and title for whatever you want to promote. That is why making a profile page is so important. You can even do it with affiliate links and cross-party websites. It is even easier than normal web profiles.


I have spent hours and hours getting this right. I usually make a new profile for every site and business that I have Specifically looking to put a link or two in.


Making sure your URL has the keywords in it, is vital. That makes a huge difference. I have also learned how to get indexed. I am working on getting an affiliate registered with Google, to market the product that I am promoting and expand the number of these products I can promote (specifically relating to poorer performing ones). I have several products that I promote on my own as well as being the proud owner of a few. Getting indexed actually isn’t that hard. You just need to make sure your writing skills are up to par and you always want to write with products that are related to your website.


I have made a video and a couple of ebooks available through affiliate links on my site with my name associated with all of them. I now have affiliate accounts with a lot of websites that do not want to earn the commission when I promote a product. This way, they get a percentage of the sale instead of a direct commission. Although they can earn the commission if they want to, I was always careful not to abuse the trust they showed me.


One of the most important things I have learned along the way was to make sure that I spend quality time during the actual creation of my profile.

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